What is ADCS Trying to Achieve?

We anticipate that this litigation will reach the Supreme Court of Canada. Implementing, pursuing and continuing this litigation will be enormously costly and time consuming.

Given that the Government of Canada has extensive funds (courtesy of Canadian taxpayers) to spend in its attempt to implement the U.S. FATCA law in Canada, ADCS will need to raise significant funds.

Only a rough estimate of the cost of litigation can be provided at this time, but we estimate the cost as ranging from approximately 1 to 1.5 million dollars (and possibly more).

On behalf of the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (ADCS), the Board Directors ask for your help.

Stephen Kish, Toronto (Chair)
John Richardson, Toronto (Co-Chair)
Patricia Moon, Toronto (Treasurer/Secretary)
Carol Tapanila, Calgary (Director)
So, here’s what ADCS is trying to do and here is how YOU can help:

It’s simple. We believe that the FATCA IGA (intergovernmental agreement), which the Harper Government signed with the U.S., and other laws contemplated by the IGA, violates the Canadian Constitution in general, the Canadian Charter of Rights in particular, numerous other laws of Canada, the principles of Canadian democracy and the fundamental rights of all Canadians.

Our goal is to take appropriate legal action to prevent the Government of Canada from changing Canadas laws to make Canada subservient to the U.S. FATCA law and impose the U.S. FATCA law on Canada and Canadians. The legitimacy of this goal is supported by the legal opinion we have received from noted lawyer Joseph Arvay, Q.C.

The FATCA enabling legislation is buried in Part 5 of
Bill C-31, an Omnibus Bill which is intended to implement provisions of the recent Canadian budget.

We anticipate that the Government of Canada will use its majority to pass this IGA enabling legislation and that U.S. FATCA law will become Canadian law sometime this summer. We wish to litigate as soon as possible after the IGA enabling legislation is passed by Parliament and the Senate.