Who are the Plaintiffs?

The Plaintiffs of our lawsuit are Ginny and Gwen. Both are Canadian citizens living in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Ginny and Gwen were both born in the United States but left at age 5 to live in Canada. Ginny is a retired lawyer and Gwen is a graphic designer.

They have never held a U.S. passport or developed any meaningful relationship with the U.S. (See also amended Claims for further information). They have always considered themselves to be: Canadians. Ginny and Gwen are not IRS compliant.

Ginny says: “I am a proud Canadian. Why is my government branding me with being a potential U.S. tax evader merely because of my place of birth – and turning my personal information over to a foreign government’s jurisdiction?”

Gwen says: “This was not the Canada our brave Fathers of Confederation envisioned. FATCA destroys our unity and we cannot permit the loss of our sovereignty.”

The RISKS Ginny and Gwen have accepted ON OUR BEHALF include:

  • Public exposure of name, and possibly those of family members, and details of private information about finances and other personal information.

  • Cross examination by hostile Government of Canada lawyers.

  • Disclosure of IRS non-compliance to the IRS.

  • Should the Plaintiffs be unsuccessful in the litigation (a possibility) the court may order Ginny and Gwen — personally — to pay a portion of the Government’s costs.

(Because we are all in this together, we need to raise the necessary monies through donations to cover these costs.)